An Absolute Contamination Standard, appearing as a bare wafer to the naked eye.

A particle map and histogram of the same wafer acquired with a Scanning Surface Inspection System.

RAISE YOUR GLASS. The Silica Contamination Standard (SCS) is used to calibrate high-intensity UV tools which size and detect silica particles on the surface of bare silicon wafers. Use SCS to characterize particles, before particles characterize products.

Silica Contamination Standards (SCS) Product Description

The Silica Contamination Standard is built by depositing spherical silica spheres which have a very tight monodisperse size distribution. Damage resistant silica spheres are useful for the calibration and monitoring of instruments that measure and count silica particles with UV and DUV illumination. Available for the first time, silica particles retain their calibration properties from prolonged exposure to UV and DUV light, where other materials may degrade or deform. VLSI Standards supplies Silica Contamination Standards with a variety of sphere sizes in the range of 32 nm up to 1.5 micron.

The calibration certificate includes the approximate number of silica particles deposited on the wafer. Background contamination is kept at an extremely low level.

Silica Contamination Standards (SCS) Product Specifications

SEMI Specification Silicon Wafers

300 mm and 450 mm diameter silicon wafers

Silica Spheres

From 32 nm up to 1.5 micron*

*Sizes in other ranges may be available. Please check with VLSI Standards.

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