Contamination Products
Custom Deposition Service

VLSI Standards' Custom Deposition Service (CDS) is designed to provide characterization of surface contamination detection instruments as a function of substrate type as well as any films or film stacks present on the substrates. This surface contamination detection deposition service is accomplished by precisely depositing a known size and distribution of polystyrene latex spheres onto customer-supplied substrates. Spheres are available in sizes that are traceable to SI Units through NIST as well as non-traceable sphere sizes. In most cases, particles can be placed on either half of the substrate surface (leaving an undeposited, blank half) or the full surface of the substrate.

The Custom Deposition Service from VLSI Standards provides a way for customers to derive the benefits of surface contamination standards on substrates of their choice. This surface contamination deposition service provides for custom particle density and size selection, and the custom deposition service is ideally suited for developing standards and references for surface contamination detection tailored to specific requirements such as:

  • Patterned semiconductor wafers
  • Wafers with blanket films
  • Wafers for thin film heads in the data storage industry
  • Hard disks with various coatings
  • Patterned reticles
  • Pellicles

To receive a quotation for our Custom Deposition Service, please click the "Get Quotes" button above. You will be navigated to the Custom Deposition Service Request for Quotation page. Upon completing all the required information and submitting the Custom Deposition Service Request for Quotation form, the appropriate VLSI Standards sales person will be informed of your request and will respond to you directly with a Custom Deposition Service quotation and additional information.

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