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Surface Topography References (STR)

Surface Topography Reference for AFM Measurements
Above is the picture of a Surface Topography Reference, model STR10, for AFM measurements.
View of a surface topography reference
The image above shows a top-down view of one of the grid clusters taken with an optical microscope.

3D AFM MEASUREMENTS THAT STAND OUT The Surface Topography Standard (STR) is designed as an auxiliary aid for sophisticated surface topography imaging tool monitoring including Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) measurement. The Surface Topography Reference's versatile design incorporates features defined in all three spatial directions, allowing correct surface topography imaging and the monitoring of the instrument's linearity and long term stability. The Surface Topography Reference also offers valuable information about the piezoelectric functions, sample alignment as well as stylus integrity and condition.

Surface Topography References (STR) Product Description

The Surface Topography Reference for instrument monitoring such as AFM measurements consists of an 8 mm x 8 mm silicon die with a precisely fabricated silicon dioxide pitch cluster. The Surface Topography Reference's cluster area is located in the center of the die and contains a grid pattern with a 3 Ám pitch in a 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm measurement area (STR3), or 10 Ám pitch in a 4 mm x 4 mm measurement area (STR10). The Surface Topography Reference's grid pattern consists of an array of alternating bars and spaces with extremely uniform pitch in both the x and y directions. The entire surface topography of the die is coated with a very uniform (nominally 40 nm) layer of platinum, making the Surface Topography Reference versatile for both conductive and non conductive probing techniques.

Surface Topography References (STR) Product Specifications

  • Dimensions
    8 mm x 8 mm silicon die

  • Materials
    Silicon Dioxide on Silicon coated with Platinum (except 180 nm models)

  • Nominal Pitch Values (X and Y)
    3 µm, 10 µm

  • Nominal Height values (Z)
    18 nm, 44 nm, 100 nm, 180 nm

  • Traceability
    Reference only (not traceable)

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