NanoLattice pitch standards
Above is a 2µm FOV CD-SEM micrograph of a NanoLattice Standard.
NanoLattice pitch standard mounted on wafer
Above image shows a 300 mm wafer with the Nanolattice die mounted in an X-Y configuration.
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SET THE SCALE FOR ADVANCED LITHOGRAPHY. The NanoLattice™ (NLSM) 100 nm pitch standard utilizes gratings with near perfect periodicity to calibrate magnification and scan linearity of CD-SEM and Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM). Make the grade for advance lithography, with the only pitch standard of its kind available below the 130 nm node.

NanoLattice Pitch Standard (NLSM) Product Description

The NanoLattice pitch standard is a 1.2 mm x 1 mm etched silicon grating with a nominal pitch of 100 nm. Each grating is continuous over a large certified area, permitting tens of thousands of measurements. Global alignment marks located 25 mm from the center of wafer on both sides of the NanoLattice pitch standard chip can be used to assist pattern recognition and automation. Each NanoLattice pitch standard is individually mounted on a carrier wafer, compatible with 200 mm and 300 mm wafer handlers.

NanoLattice Pitch Standard (NLSM) Product Specifications

  • Substrate
    200 and 300 Silicon wafers

  • Certified Pitch Values
    100 nm, 200 nm, 400 nm, 800 nm, 1000 nm

  • Uncertainty of 100 nm Pitch Metrology < 1 nm

  • Nominal Pitch Value 100 nm ± 2 nm

  • Material Silicon <100>

  • Pattern Defect Density
    Less than 1 defect size > 0.2 µm per 50 image frames of size 1.5 µm x 1.5 µm

  • Certified Area
    800 µm x 800 µm

  • Traceability
    Traceable to a pitch master standard measured by NIST

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