How Often Should I Recertify My Standard?

Some VLSI products can be cleaned and recertified to enable extended lifetimes with assured calibration quality. Most quality systems require periodic recertification of standards, where available, to meet the quality guidelines expressed by ISO 10012,ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO 9000, or other quality systems. The necessary frequency of recertification depends strongly on the individual customer's actual use case. Many companies closely track and monitor the performance of their standards and the associated test and measurement equipment. In this case, it is the user's responsibility to determine the recertification frequency based on their quality guidelines.

In cases where the customer has not monitored standards performance, VLSI Standards suggests standards be recertified at no more than twelve month intervals from the date of calibration until customer data justifies a different recertification interval.

This recommendation is based upon VLSI Standards' observation of industry best practices. For additional information, refer to the Annex in ISO 10012-1, Guidelines for the determination of confirmation intervals for measuring equipment. For more information on our Recertification services, please see:

Requesting Duplicate Copies of Certificates of Calibration

You may contact VLSI Standards to request duplicate copies of Certificates of Calibration at or by calling (408) 428-1800.

IMPORTANT: VLSI Standards will only provide certificate copies for those standards that have been certified (or recertified) in the past two years. If your standard has not been certified in the past 2 years, please contact VLSI Standards for pricing and instructions for the recertification process.

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