Calibration Products and Services

VLSI Standards designs and manufactures an extensive array of calibration products and services to assist you with your calibration efforts. Our calibration products and services typically come in the form of calibration standards and references. The primary difference between a calibration standard and a calibration reference is that calibration standards have direct traceability to a higher authority; whereas calibration references do not - often because no official calibration standard exists. Each type of calibration product is made to a rigorous set of internal specifications and serves as an excellent calibration artifact.

With the proliferation of national and international quality calibration standards such as ISO 9000, TS16949, and the APLAC MRA, a company can have a wide spectrum of mandated measurement protocols specifying regular calibrations that require calibration standards that are traceable to a national authority. An effective calibration program will typically use a combination of traceable calibration standards and references, with the traceable reference serving as a daily monitor and the traceable standard used at scheduled intervals or when absolute accuracy is required.

Contamination Calibration Products (Counter and SSIS Calibration)

VLSI Standards' line of contamination calibration products are used for Counter calibration or Scanning Surface Inspection Systems (SSIS) calibration standards. Contamination calibration products can be used to calibrate an instrument for a particular particle size (with Absolute Contamination Standards) or reticle/pellicle (with Reticle Contamination Standard). Other specially developed contamination calibration products provide recleanable surfaces, scanner diagnostics capability, and a method for calibrating mask and pellicle inspection systems.

Contamination products can be used to calibrate an instrument for a particular particle size.

Dimensional Products

Profilometry Calibration

Over our history, VLSI Standards has shipped thousands of Step Height Standards. These versatile profiling standards are useful in any application that requires characterizing a vertical height. Step Height Standards are in use at paper, plastics, and paint companies and data storage industries, and are widely established in the semiconductor industry. Step Height Standards consist of an etched pattern in a quartz substrate and are usually used to calibrate optical or stylus based profilometers.

Profilometry products can be used to calibrate instruments for height.

Surface Topography Products

Surface Topography Standards and References, which may be used to characterize and calibrate scanning probe microscopes, provide for X, Y and Z dimensional calibration. These calibration standards also provide valuable information about sample alignment as well as probe tip integrity and condition.

Surface Topography Standards and References provide x, y and z dimensional calibration.

Traceable Advanced Lithography Products for users of CD-SEM and CD-AFM

VLSI Standards provides a complete offering of Traceable Advanced Lithography products for users of CD-SEM and CD-AFM. Nanolattice Pitch Standards are used to calibrate and monitor the magnification performance of CD-SEMs. The NanoCD product line may be used by CD-AFM users to check tip accuracy and by CD-SEM users to monitor CD measurement accuracy.

NanoCD Standards assist users in monitoring CD measurement accuracy.

Film Thickness Standards

The Film Thickness Standards are designed to calibrate various optical thickness measurement instruments. Film Thickness Standards consist of silicon wafers with a pattern of uniform, thermally grown silicon dioxide, or deposited silicon nitride on the surface.

Electrical Calibration Products

VLSI Standards has developed several different calibration products suitable for calibrating both non contact and contact resistivity and sheet resistance measuring devices. These calibration products have calibrated values for resistivity and sheet resistance.

Additional Calibration Products and Calibration Services

In addition to the range of calibration products and calibration services summarized above, VLSI Standards also provides a Custom Deposition Service for depositing polystyrene latex (PSL) spheres on customer-supplied substrates and a Custom Film Thickness Measurement Service.

Please contact a sales representative for any information concerning custom products.

VLSI Standards also work with equipment or instrument suppliers to design and develop calibration standards or references which are specific to their equipment or application. Some calibration products are mounted on custom assemblies which allow the instrument to be continuously referencing a standard during its operation. Other calibration products are entirely custom designed via a partnership between VLSI Standards and your business.

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