Recertifying your standard is quick and easy.

Plus, take a look at these quality program benefits:

  • Long-term statistical calibration monitoring without baseline shift.
  • Thorough cleaning by VLSI Standards reduces the risk of incorrect tool calibration.
  • Increased confidence in measurement accuracy based on traceable metrology.
  • Promotes quality program compliance and supports quality audit requirements.

Follow these simple steps before shipping your standard to VLSI for recertification:

Determine if your standard can be recertified.

Products that can be recertified or requalified include Step Height Standards, Film Thickness Standards, Resistivity Standards, Sheet Resistances Standards and Surface Particle References. Please note: Standards that have been contaminated, especially with heavy metals including copper, gold, cobalt, etc. are not eligible for recertification. In order to recertify your standards, we require a signed copy of the Declaration of Non-Contamination from your facility. Click here to view the Declaration of Non-Contamination.

Visually inspect the standard to ensure eligibility.

If the standard has damage that you can clearly see with the naked eye, it probably won't and eligible for recertification. Also, make sure there is no writing or affixed labels that are not original to the standard. All such markings or labels must be removed by the customer prior to submission for recertification.

Check the physical integrity of the standard.

The standard should have its original physical integrity i.e. no broken edges, chips, cracks or gross scratches, even if the calibration area might seem intact.

Determine if the certified region has been damaged.

The calibration area of the standard, as defined by the application notes, should be free of any pits, scratches, chips or cracks of any size.

Complete the Declaration of Non-Contamination to receive an RMA Number.

Note: An RMA number must be present on the packing slip for all products shipped for recertification.

Place the standard in the original packaging and ship to VLSI Standards at Five Technology Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035-7916.

Include your RMA number and Purchase Order with the standard in order to expedite recertification.

Our Quality Commitment

Our commitment to quality means that we must meet stringent product specifications. If the standard does not meet our specification, or if it is damaged, a calibration certificate will not be issued and charges for work conducted will be invoiced.

Questions regarding the recertification process can be directed to the Sales Department at 800-228-8574 or

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