SET THE SCALE FOR ELECTRON MICROSCOPY STANDARDS. The NanoLattice™ (NLSM) 100 nm pitch standard utilizes gratings with near perfect periodicity to calibrate magnification and scan linearity of Electron Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM). Make the grade for electron microscopy standards, with the highest quality pitch standard of its kind available when it comes to dimensional products.

Nanolattice Standards for Analytical Instruments Product Description

The NanoLattice Pitch Standard for Analytical Instruments is an etched silicon grating with a nominal pitch of 100 nm. Each grating is continuous over a large certified area, permitting tens of thousands of measurements. The silicon die's dimensions are 1.2 mm x 1 mm.

For analytical instruments, VLSI Standards mounts the electron microscopy standard(s) into a universal mount adaptor. This mounting configuration will allow VLSI Standards to clean and recertify the Nanolattice Standard and allow users to extend the lifetime and traceability of the standard. Users can use the standard(s) mounted in this universal mount adaptor directly in the instrument or they may mount the standard onto a stub mount of their own choosing. VLSI Standards may also be able to mount the universal mount adaptor onto a customer-supplied stub mount. Contact VLSI Standards customer support to review all the details and available options in dimensional products and electron microscopy standards.

Nanolattice Standards for Analytical Instruments Product Specifications

  • Certified Pitch Values
    100 nm, 200 nm, 400 nm, 800 nm, 1000 nm

  • Uncertainty of 100 nm Pitch Metrology
    < 1 nm

  • Nominal Pitch Value
    100 nm ▒ 2 nm

  • Material
    Silicon <100>

  • Pattern Defect Density
    Less than 1 defect size > 0.2 Ám per 50 image frames of size 1.5 Ám x 1.5 Ám

  • Certified Area
    800 Ám x 800 Ám

  • Traceability
    Traceable to a pitch master standard measured by NIST

  • Universal Mount Adaptors
    Thin: 0.8 mm thickness
    Thick: 4.2 mm thickness

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