Application: Film Thickness Calibration
Equipment: Single Wavelength Ellipsometer (SWE), Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (SE) and Reflectometer
Film: Silicon Dioxide
Traceability: SI units through NIST
Product Range: 20 Å to 10,100 Å

  Wafer Diameter
Film Thickness (Å) 100 mm 125 mm 150 mm 200 mm 300 mm
20   FTS8-20 FTS12-20
45 FTS4-45 FTS5-45 FTS6-45 FTS8-45 FTS12-45
75 FTS4-75 FTS5-75 FTS6-75 FTS8-75 FTS12-75
120 FTS4-120 FTS5-120 FTS6-120 FTS8-120 FTS12-120
250 FTS4-250 FTS5-250 FTS6-250 FTS8-250 FTS12-250
500 FTS4-500 FTS5-500 FTS6-500 FTS8-500 FTS12-500
1000 FTS4-1000 FTS5-1000 FTS6-1000 FTS8-1000 FTS12-1000
2,000 FTS4-2000 FTS5-2000 FTS6-2000 FTS8-2000 FTS12-2000
4,000 FTS4-4000 FTS5-4000 FTS6-4000 FTS8-4000 FTS12-4000
6,750 FTS4-6750 FTS5-6750 FTS6-6750 FTS8-6750 FTS12-6750
10,100 FTS4-10100 FTS5-10100 FTS6-10100 FTS8-10100 FTS12-10100

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